Sun Screen and Coral Reef Damage

Sunscreen shields our skin from the sun, but there is evidence that some of the lotion’s chemicals may harm coral reefs. In this article, we’ll examine the compounds that are at fault and the efforts being made to address the issue.

Sunscreen ingredients

Sunscreens protect our skin by using a variety of chemicals. Among these are organic substances that absorb UV light and inorganic pigments like titanium dioxide.In 70%–80% of sunscreens, oxibenzone and octinoxate are substances used. When you swim or take a shower, sunscreen washed off and ends up in the water.

Oxybenzone Structure
Oxybenzone Structure

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14,000 Metric Tons Each Year

The approximate amount of sunscreen that is dumped into the ocean annually

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Impact on Coral: 

Pollution and temperature fluctuations cause stress in coral, which results in coral bleaching. The algae that feed the coral and dwell there depart or die during bleaching.

According to studies, chemical compounds like oxybenzone found in sunscreens may be responsible for coral bleaching, which increases the vulnerability of coral to illness and death.