ISO Publishes a New Specification of Fuel Used in Marine Application

The International Standards Organization (ISO) has announced a new specification for fuels used in marine applications. By publishing ISO 8217:2024, ISO sets a new specification for fuel used in marine applications. These new fuel specs, set a new detailed requirement for more environmentally friendly fuel alternatives, including The new specs of b100 biodiesel.

With the publication of these updated specs, ISO tries to facilitate a new era of low-carbon liquid fuels in the marine supply chain and hopes to lower greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change.

The new fuel spec of ISO 8217:2024 ensures that b100 biodiesel (the 100% blended-up biodiesel) could provide a good performance that also meets the standard of maintaining engine efficiency and reliability. These new specifications address some critical parameters such as sulfur content, flashpoints, and viscosity making sure that the biodiesel blends could compete in terms of performance with the conventional marine fuels. Scott Fenwick, Technical Director at Clean Fuels Alliance America said “With the adoption of this updated specification, we are paving the way for higher blends of biodiesel use in marine transportation,”.

The ISO 8217:2024 approval is the result of the collaboration between a lot of parties including the industry stakeholders, the technical experts, and many more.

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