Global Bio-Based Cosmetics Market Projections Reach US$8.86 Billion by 2032

Global Bio-Based Cosmetics Market Anticipates Remarkable Growth by 2032

As per the latest insights from Emergen Research, reported by Globe Newswire, the global bio-based cosmetics market is poised to experience substantial growth, projecting an impressive surge from US$4.95 billion to US$8.86 billion between 2022 and 2032. This noteworthy expansion is attributed to several factors, including heightened consumer interest in natural and organic cosmetic ingredients, intensified research and development endeavors for crafting natural cosmetics, and a flourishing market trend favoring probiotic-based skincare products. The comprehensive report, unveiled on December 20, sheds light on the driving forces behind this anticipated surge in market revenue.

Key Drivers of Growth in the Bio-Based Cosmetics Sector

In an era where the beauty industry places increasing emphasis on skin protection against pollution and environmental factors, the report underscores pivotal bio-based components that are shaping the future of cosmetics. These include vitamins, plant extracts such as Aloe, vegetable-derived peptides, and essential oils. Notably, a significant catalyst for the surge in market revenue is the substantial research and development investments made by major players in the personal care and cosmetics industry. These investments focus on the exploration of organic skincare ingredients and innovative formulations.

A tangible illustration of this industry trend is the introduction of Verdessence RiceTouch by BASF Care Creations in June 2022. This plant-based powder, distinguished by its minuscule particle size, is specifically tailored for matte-finish cosmetics.

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Key Players and Industry Landscape

The global bio-based cosmetics market is described as dynamic and fragmented, featuring a multitude of large and medium-sized players contributing significantly to overall market revenue. Prominent industry participants highlighted in the report include BASF, Evonik, the Estée Lauder Companies, L’Oréal Paris, and Unilever. These industry leaders showcase a commitment to innovation and sustainability, driving the industry towards a future characterized by bio-based and environmentally friendly cosmetic solutions.

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